5th Annual Critical Hit

Critical Hit 2016

Card-Based Pinball Tournament
Saturday, December 10, 2016

Format: Match Play / 3-Strikes Tournament with Spell Cards
Cost: $20 or possibly FREE if you're lucky with a D20

Maximum of 40 players! Email iepinball@gmail.com to register for the tournament.

Every player ranked WPPR 251+ will receive two random spell cards at registration. WPPR 1-250 will receive one random spell card. There are two phases to the tournament:

Phase 1: Match Play / Earn Spell Cards - 10am-1pm

Placed into pseudo-random groups of 4 (sometimes 3) the top two players after each game will earn a spell card. Upon the conclusion of Phase 1, additional spell cards, if available, will be auctioned off with 100% of the proceeds going to the Pinball Outreach Project. Games and positions will too be randomly assigned during this phase.

Phase 2: 3-Strikes - 2pm

Placed into random groups of 4 (sometimes 3) the bottom two players after each game will receive a strike. In the case of a 3 player group, only the 3rd place player will receive a strike. Games and positions will be selected via D20 roll with a Critical Hit earning both game and position selections. Each player can only select each game ONCE for the entire tournament until all selections have been exhausted. Players are eliminated from the tournament once they receive 3 strikes.

Cards used in 2016

2015's Critical Hit